What we do

Specialized area of Santander Bank that aims to support the internationalization of businesses, both foreign companies interested in initiating investment in Chile and Chilean companies looking to settle abroad, through a special service model coordinated between different units that integrate Santander Bank in the world. International Desk is an special support model in the country. We have sales offices in 14 countries, and agreements with banks around the world. We also work closely with government and private institutions, creating a wide network of contacts that we share with our customers. Our business model has allowed a significant number of foreign companies to start activities in Chile and has also supported initiatives of Chilean companies that currently already have subsidiaries abroad.

Where we are?


Av. Eng. Duarte Pacheco, Amoreiras, Torre 1, 1099-024 Lisboa

+351 21 389 34 00



Klaus Hübner

Head of Product & Intl Business

(+49) 69 27314 5235 / M: (+49) 172 670 95 96

e-mail: klaus.huebner@santanderbank.de

Andre Beust

Senior International Businesss

(+49) 69 27314-5231/(+49)1522284-5007

e-mail: andre.beust@santanderbank.de

United Kingdom

Alvaro Alamillo

Head of International Partnerships

(+49) 69 27314-5231/(+49)1522284-5007

e-mail: alvaro.alamillo@santander.co.uk

Kathryn Smith

Initernational Desk Director (Maternity)

M:(+44) 754 0732 975

e-mail: kathryn.smith@santander.co.uk


Luis Miguel Santos

Dir. International Desk

+351 213705206/ M: +35 1938 886 023

e-mail: luis.santos@santander.pt


Olga Pietkiewicz

Head of International Desk

(+48) 22 534 1805/ M: (+48) 661 123 094

e-mail: olga.pietkiewicz@bzwbk.pl

Wojciech Łopatkiewicz

Spain, Portugal & LATAM Desk

(+48) 22 782 9266 / M (+48) 512 762 515

e-mail: wojciech.lopatkiewicz@bzwbk.pl


Raúl Guerrero Gutierrez

Dir. International Desk

(+34) 91 289 4236 / M: (+34) 625 33 73 84

e-mail: rauguerrero@gruposantander.com


United Stated

Vicente Ferrer

(+1) 617 217 0222 / (+1) 617 763 9841

e-mail: vicente.ferrer@santander.us


Hector Rivas Valero

Director International Desk

+(52) 55 5257 8000 Ext. 18950

e-mail: hrivasv@santander.com.mx


Alberto de Calazans Pereira

Head of International Desk - Corporate

(+55) 21 2528-1374

e-mail: albreira@santander.com.br


Mónica Olivares

Head International Desk - Clientes Internacionales

(+56) 22647 4926 /M (+56) 95749 9177

e-mail: molivaresq@santander.cl


Marcelo Santoro

Head International Desk

(+54) 11 4341 2442

e-mail: molivaresq@santander.cl


Alfredo Pérez

Head International Desk

(+51) 1215 8163 / 61

e-mail: aperez@santander.com.pe


Daniel Gomez Serrano

International Desk

+(571) 7 43 3865

e-mail: dagomez@santander.com.co


Jorge Berais Carvalho

Gerente de Sucursales Montevideo

(+59) 82 17475105

e-mail: jberais@santander.com.uy



Jonathan Wang (Santander)

International Business

(+86) 15800729497

e-mail: xiwang@gruposantander.com

Ms. Wen ZHANG / Maggie (BoS)

Head of International Desk

+86 (21) 6847 2633

e-mail: zhangwen@bosc.cn

Ms. Mi ZHOU / Jamie (BoS)

Financial Institutions

+86 (21) 6847 5635

e-mail: zhoumi1@bosc.cn

Value offer

    Welcome pack specially designed for international companies or foreign partners who want to invest in Chile, and considers the following products:
  • Current account in CLP, USD, o EUROS (or any combination of the above).
  • Office Banking
  • Transactional payment services - Payroll and Provider payments.
  • Fraud insurance, with coverage up to UF 5.400
  • Santander Trade Club
  • Monthly cost of 1 UF (VAT included), without contracting our transactional services.
  • Monthly cost of 0,75 UF (VAT included), if you hire our payroll or supplier payment.
  • Monthly cost of 0,5 UF (VAT included), if you hire both services.
    Additionally, you can access special services, designed for you, such as:
  • Executives with expert knowledge in foreign trade products and transactional services.
  • Bilingual support by highly specialized executives.
  • Information and contacts from public and private entities are put at your disposal.
  • Remotely Activation of Office Banking (electronic banking) with the aid of bilingual technical specialists.

Market Information

We provide you with all the information that you need to invest in Chile.

Sectoral publications


depends from Ministerio de Obras Públicas, with information of:

  • Concessed Projects and Contracts
  • Projects on Prequalification Process
  • Projects on Bidding Process
  • Private Initiative Process
Chile: Public Infrastructure Concessions www.concesiones.cl

In the early '90s, the Government of Chile faced one of their toughest challenges: the country needed, urgently, building major infrastructure projects to ensure their economic development.

National Energy Commission, CNE www.cne.cl

The Commission is a technical body responsible for analyzing pricing, tariffs and standards to which companies must adhere production, generation, transmission and distribution of energy, in order to have a sufficient supply, safe, quality, support the economic operation.

Products and Services

Non-financial Services

Electronic trade platform that consolidates all the information necessary to support companies in their international operations. Free service for Santander customers.

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Special international support model for companies with internationalization plans.

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Grouping of non-financial services of an international connection nature, which facilitate the contact and knowledge of international markets through our platform (networking, business agendas, virtual offices, etc).

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